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Riley Exploration Permian, Inc.

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Riley Exploration Permian, Inc.

Presentation Day, Time, and Location
Monday, August 16, 2021
10:55 am (MST)
Confluence C

Riley Exploration Permian, Inc. (NYSE American: REPX) is headquartered in Oklahoma City and is focused on capital efficiency and the steady growth of its reserves, production and cash flow through the acquisition, exploration, development and production of reserves primarily within the Permian Basin that strategically fit our corporate objectives of: building a well-balanced, transparent, and sustainable company; favorable reservoir and geological characteristics primarily for oil development; large contiguous acreage positions with significant untapped potential in terms of ultimate recoverable reserves, and; a high degree of operational control, which allows REPX to execute its development plan based on projected well performance and commodity price forecasts in order to attempt to grow cash flow and generate significant equity returns from REPX’s capital program.