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Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Panel

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Panel

Presentation Day, Time, and Location
Tuesday, August 9, 2022
3:30 pm (MST)
Renewable Natural Gas Panel

Moderated by BloombergNEF, this panel focuses on the importance of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and lowering Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

Cowboy Clean Fuels

Cowboy Clean Fuels, LLC produces low-carbon renewable natural gas from depleted coalbed methane wells and alternative biomass feedstocks. Based on patented technology and other intellectual property, Cowboy RNG has greater value than fossil natural gas due to its renewable and low-carbon attributes and can be sold into existing premium fuel and environmental markets. Cowboy uses existing infrastructure, including economically depleted CBM wells, gas gathering systems and pipelines to produce, recover and transport the gas, resulting in lower cost and higher scalability than other forms of renewable natural gas (anaerobic digester and landfill gas).

NGV America

Natural Gas Vehicles for America is a national organization dedicated to the development of a growing, profitable, and sustainable market for vehicles powered by natural gas or biomethane.