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Presentation Day, Time, and Location
Monday, August 8, 2022
1:55 pm (MST)
Confluence A

For 35 years, seasoned investors have relied on Five States Energy Company to place a portion of their energy investment portfolio into real energy assets. Five States is an investment firm that does not invest in energy companies; we invest in energy assets with direct exposure to underlying energy commodities.

When Five States buys an asset, we also buy an operating relationship. We work with operators to do more than simply manage a property. Five States operators are partners that work closely with us to take a strategic approach to unlocking and harvesting all of the value that a producing area can yield.

Please contact us if you are:

  • An investor interested in the benefits of direct investments in energy real assets
  • An investor interested in co-investment opportunities in drilling programs
  • An owner of proved producing oil and gas production and seeking liquidity or development capital
  • An owner of existing, commercially developed wind royalties