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Presentation Day, Time, and Location
Tuesday, August 9, 2022
8:50 am (MST)
Confluence C

Empire Petroleum Corporation is a hybrid oil and natural gas producer with both conventional and horizontal production. The company owns and operates long life, low operational cost, mature, producing assets in the Permian Basin, Bakken and central Gulf Coast region, in the states of Texas, New Mexico, North Dakota, Montana and Louisiana. The primary goals of the company are to leverage operational efficiencies to scale our growth. Empire focuses on economical well rehabilitation, stimulation, field maintenance and management to generate low-risk cash flows that provides stability and accretive growth for shareholders. During the COVID collapse Empire has acquired over 1,000 wells at the pre-$40/bbl level; allowing the long-term economics to underpin earnings and shareholder growth. We are fortunate to have recent shareholder and director additions with the global experience to help assist the company in achieving our shareholder objectives.